show me the money

David J. Duckett of Pacific Life Style Estates Presents: Total Resource Appraisal Consultants – Coverage: Riverside, San Diego, Orange & San Bernardino Counties for these and other services: Preferred by Local Agents and Lenders

Professional Witness
appear in court professinal witness

Divorce the car



Get Out of Jail Appraisal For Bail Bond

go to jail

Estate Planning for Trusts, Wills and Other Strategies

planning your estate

New Construction and Development buid the house

Commercial, Industrial Multi & Mixed Units, Apartments and Freestanding, Leases & Ground Leases, Land and Ranches

the industrialist

Consulting MonopolyMan2

PMI Removal
pass go and collect

Want to know an outside unbiased opinion of your Dream home: As a buyer or a seller.

ready to buy

Employee Relocation (ERC) relocation

For Appraisal Management Services Local & Nation Wide: Accurity Valuation
For Professional Real Estate Services: Life-Style-Estates
For Innovative Development: Power House Development

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